Plant sale – Brigitte’s rose

If you are passionate about old roses be sure to get to our Plant Sale early as we have only three specimens of this floriferous pink rose. They were propagated by Maureen Viljoen (who chairs the Constantia Valley Garden Club) from a plant in her garden. Maureen ‘named’ the rose informally in honor of  friend and former garden club member Brigitte Berg, who gave her a cutting from her own rose, years ago.

This low-fuss rambler will spread far and wide over years making it perfect for hedges or informal fencing. In Maureen’s garden it tops seven feet. It is a haven for birds and a showstopper in spring.

Above: Brigitte’s rose as she winds down in Maureen’s garden early summer. Peak bloom is in October.

Maureen: “For six weeks she is Queen of the Garden and then relaxes for the rest of the year.  Probably she has another name but Brigitte wasn’t sure about it.  She produces offspring underneath her substantial skirts which grow up from the roots and are then transplanted into pots to wait for someone who needs a gorgeous pink lady in the garden in the spring.   She grows quickly, doesn’t suffer from the usual rose maladies and is really a pleasure to have around.”

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Photos: Marianne Alexander, Marie Viljoen


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