Julie’s Garden

Julies garden

Yes, friends, this is what you pay good money to see!

We’re joking. A little. But we thought we’d tantalize you enough to come and find out what happened to this unappealing jaart after the cement was broken up and carted off

Julie’s career takes her overseas regularly. She is also a mother and a gardener. In other words, a woman with very little spare time. But she has good green genes – her mom is garden author and photographer Marianne Alexander (daughter and mother belong to the Flourish and Constantia Valley Garden Clubs, respectively).

Julie’s advice to anyone for whom time is precious is: plan.

She selects waterwise, low maintenance plants and manages to fit in a few hours in the garden over weekends. If a trellis is needed in the vegetable garden, she makes it. “It is sometimes quicker and easier to do things myself.”

Along with the importance of planning is patience, a prerequisite for a seriously good gardener.

Julie says, “I enjoy symmetry and structure,” and this is immediately apparent as one enters her special garden.

Visit Julie’s garden on our open days on November 14th and 15th to see the view that she enjoys especially in the rare moments when she relaxes on the couch under the covered patio, from where she can see most of her garden and watch her daughters play on the lawn.

We promise it is not longer a jaart.

[Click the link to read our interview with Julie and to see some ‘after’ photos]


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