…remember raffles? We still do them!

At Rosemarie‘s (wheelchair-friendly) garden, and site of the Open Gardens Constantia plant sale, you can also buy tickets for the OGC Raffle. We have three wonderful prizes this year.

indigenous plant palettes

First prize: a copy of Marijke Honig’s gorgeous new illustrated hardcover book, Indigenous Plant Palettes (Quivertree), literally hot off the presses. With an introduction by Kirstenbosch’s Ernst van Jaarsveld, this is the indigenous gardening book we have been waiting for, showing how to select and group the right indigenous plants for one’s space, taste and needs, from South African cottage garden style to rooftops, vertical walls, edible gardens and ponds.

Marijke Honig is a Cape Town garden designer of note who specializes in creating indigenous gardens, whose iconic examples include the Bridle Road Residence (above, in conjunction with New York firm Rees Roberts and Partners. Photo: Scott Frances.) and the Biodiversity Garden on Green Point Common

Retail value of Indigenous Plant Palettes is R495.00 and we are grateful to Quivertree for the kind donation.

Hanging herb basket OGPS Oct 2014 003

Second prize: a beautifully planted hanging basket of mature, mixed herbs – a portable kitchen garden ready for your patio or for a sunny, indoor spot. It contains marjoram, Italian parsley, creeping rosemary, variegated sage, and thyme.

Third prize (for three lucky ticket holders): 10 bags each of Reliance compost.

Winners will be contacted by email or by phone.


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