Nicholas’s Garden

open gardens constantia

In the autumn of 2006 the Walker family moved into their newly renovated home and then started to work on a garden. Says Nicholas, “There were very few plants that we could use and quite a lot of concrete to be lifted,” [as much as Julie’s??] “so I started with a clean slate.”

Look at that slate, now.

And Nicholas might be the perfect gardener: he buys “small”, be it trees or shrubs, or punnets of tiny, good quality annuals and perennials rather than large flashy specimens that give instant gratification. He makes his own compost and mulch to add to the sandy soil of Meadowridge (both improve moisture retention).

Growing up, his parents’ beautiful garden served as inspiration for what is now his passion. He says that while there are times when he yearns for more space for propagation and a bigger vegetable garden, he has no extra help, so his garden is quite big enough.

water feature shade garden

As he runs a flourishing small landscaping concern, he has the opportunity to spread his wings in other people’s spaces as well.

Nicholas has a dream and – who knows ? “One day I want to have my own forest because I love trees.”


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