Need space? Go up!

vertical garden

Not only is Nicholas preparing his in-ground garden for November 14 and 15, but he has made sure that every available space in his garden is utilized:  a vertical garden will be displayed in a small alleyway at the side of his garage  – previously an underused space accommodating garden paraphernalia.

Marcelle Warner, the driving force behind Vertical Veg will be on hand to show Open Garden visitors what is available for the cultivation of fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers to home owners and flat dwellers with limited space.

If you can’t go horizontal, go vertical.

This Meadowridge garden will also host Rob Small and Harvest of Hope from Abalimi Bezekhaya, and will be there with a table loaded with picked-that-morning vegetables from the Abalimi-supported microfarms on the Cape Flats.

Story: Maureen ViljoenPhoto credit: verticalveg