Haemanthus albifloss

ON sale at OPEN GARDENS 12th !3th November. Buy your tickets in advance so you can be first in line for these shade lovers

Endemic to South Africa.
Haemanthus albiflos is one of the three evergreen species of Haemanthus and with its handsome leaves, long flowering season and red berries is an excellent choice for shady spots in the garden.

H. albiflos grows well in a dappled shade position similar to that preferred by clivias, and likes to remain undisturbed for many years once established. The soil must be well aerated and drained, and a suggested medium is equal parts of well rotted compost, coarse river sand and loam. Plant the bulbs with the upper half exposed and the thick fleshy roots spread out horizontally over the soil beneath the surface. It is an ideal plant for a shady rock garden or for difficult parts of the garden receiving poor light, where they can be left to multiply for many years.
There will be several of these interesting, not often seen, indigenous bulbs, available at our Open Gardens Plant Sale on Thursday 12 and 13th November, this year – just around the corner, so diarise now.
Thanks to Jeanette van Maaren, a member of the Constantia Valley Garden Club, for donating these bulbs from her garden when she recently moved.
For more information go to the South African National Biodiversity Institute’s plant information website www.plantzafrica.com


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