A generous donation of certified organic compost arrived just time for the planting of annuals in our show gardens.   We like using Reliance products as  they are  a low carbon company  which ‘harvests ‘ all the garden waste we drop off at the ‘dumps’ around Cape Town and turns it into compost. We then return it to the soil in our gardens completing the cycle.

Their main source of material is green waste or garden refuse from municipal drop-off facilities and landfills around the City of Cape Town. Each month, approximately 40,000 m3 is collected. It is chipped on site and then taken in enormous trucks to their production facility in, Klipheuwel. Here it is mixed with water, clay, and activated by the addition of more mature compost in long 50 meters by 2 meter high rows. It is then turned daily for 6 -8 weeks before it is ready to be bagged. Alien vegetation, that presents an environmental threat in the Western Cape, is also used.

Reliance has kept over 15 million m3 of green garden refuse out of already overcrowded landfills since the start of their contract with the city over 10 years ago. This resulted in a reduction over 1 000 000 tons of carbon dioxide gas escaping into the atmosphere, thus mitigating the impacts caused by climate change.

Reliance products are extensively tested by independent laboratories for bacterial contamination, nutrient levels, and insecticide / pesticide contaminant levels and recently even for radiation levels. These tests are to be sure that our products adhere to required standards and don’t add to environmental contamination.

15l and 30l bags of compost are available. Bulk orders of   fine, medium rough compost, mulches and top soil, potting soil and lawn dressing and bark -nuggets and milled bark.     Reliance Office email, 0861 888 784.


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