5 20160524_1105022 20160524_1104111 IMG_01041 20160524_110736KELPAK® LIQUID SEAWEED FERTILISER
Our gardeners were thrilled to be given this uniquely South African product which, as it contains natural growth hormones, is sure to make their plants grow bigger and be more productive. It is obtained from the giant Ecklonia maxima  kelp, or seaweed, sustainably harvested off the coast near Cape Point.
Kelpak contains several beneficial plant stimulating compounds as well as macro and micro elements and is manufactured by a proprietary process which while bursting the cells from which a natural, liquid seaweed concentrate is extracted preserves the delicate natural elements contained in the cells.
When applied, as a foliar feed or soil drench to plants, the auxin-like activity stimulates prolific adventitious root formation. The increase in root tips – which is where a group of hormones known as cytokinins are produced – leads to an increased level of cytokinins in treated plants Cytokinins promote cell division and plays a role in plant foliar growth.
The increased root volume and number of root tips also increases moisture and nutrient uptake from the soil. The increase in nutrients together with the higher level of auxins and cytokinin in the plant also makes the top, above ground, part of the plant grow.  This in turn results in increased yields and better quality plants.  The improved root system also makes the plant more resistant to stresses such as drought, water logging, soil nutrient deficiency and salinity, nematode infestations and soil borne diseases.




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