Christine, a member of Flourish Garden Club, is a keen gardener who professes to be a novice not realising how much she has absorbed about plants and gardening from her mother! She has a way with plants which respond to her touch. Hanging baskets, with fuchsias and pelargoniums, are star performers in her small suburban garden which contains an eclectic range of plants – from those one associates with English cottage gardens like roses, larkspur and delphiniums to more lush plantings which give a tropical look around her small swimming pool. She feeds her plants regularly with a wide range of products including rabbit droppings and worm tea and spends may hours pottering in the potting area growing plants from slips and seeds.

At the end of summer Christine  made a few minor changes to the shape of the front border  before cleaning it out  and digging in compost.  She has now added  some standard roses and planted her pansies.





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