Anthea’s garden.



Anthea is an amateur gardener who has become an ‘avid’ gardener since joining the CVGC, less than a year ago, in September 2015. She is being ably assisted by her retired husband Peter whose enthusiasm for building structures and creating features is inspirational. Her’s is a large garden with sweeping lawns bordered by broad beds filled with roses, shrubs, annuals and perennials. The piece de resistance is a woodland walk where shade lovers thrive; you will find some unusual plantings here. There are also a cottage garden and a wagon wheel vegetable garden while a fairy garden, inspired by her granddaughter’s Emilie’s passion for plants and gardening, is in the making. While Anthea loves the beautiful old trees in the garden even though they cast a lot of shade her nemesis is the heavy clay soil which is cold and damp in winter when it also retains a tad too much water.

At present the vegetable garden is a nursery for some of the many plants she has been given or has grown – Every Tuesday  she makes notes about what to do as Jean and Elaine, her mentors – and friends from the garden club, walk around to check out how everything is progressing.


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