We did it!

tea treats

It’s over. What a wonderful two days.

We’ll post many more garden pictures over the next days, weeks and months. There are dozens of gorgeous views and interesting gardening details we have not yet shared, so we hope you keep visiting.

We will keep up with local garden news on this blog and on the Facebook, too.

THANK YOU to everyone who supported Open Gardens Constantia. Your ticket and raffle money went to a very good cause (when everything has been sorted out we will report on the takings). We loved meeting you, and we look forward to seeing you again in 2016.

THANK YOU to all garden club members and their families, friends and staff who organized, volunteered, baked, poured, cleaned, washed, guided, directed traffic, drove golf carts, carried plants, planted, deadheaded, propagated, watered and fertilized, labeled, sketched, scanned, counted, sold plants, fetched, carried, photographed, wrote, and supported.

THANK YOU to the five garden owners – Carol, Colleen, Julie, Nicholas and Rosemarie – who looked after the volunteers in their gardens (we mean people, not weeds), gave them cups of tea and treats to keep them going, and who were generous enough to allow thousands of visitors through their garden gates.

THANK you to the OGC committee, chaired by Maureen Viljoen, who pulled off a very successful 10th Open Gardens Constantia, in the face of wild November weather.

(About the photo above: Nicholas’s wife Zanette a Cordon Bleu-trained cook, produced these wonderful treats in her kitchen, for all the fortunate volunteers and workers at their garden. This blogger can attest to their deliciousness).

Photo: Marie Viljoen


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