Betty’s Bay bird update

From Marianne Alexander, a member of the Constantia Valley Garden Club (see her previous rock thrush post):

We had no sooner arrived at Betty’s Bay this weekend when the rock thrushes appeared at the windows. They seemed to know instinctively where to find us, even when we went upstairs!  We thought they only had one youngster, but at dusk – as the sun set and we were enjoying a beer on the upstairs patio – they appeared out of the gloom with two more!

Mum (it appears) keeps tabs on their whereabouts, uttering a deep, throaty chuckle to warn them of danger while Dad does all the hard work – rushing backwards and forwards, dropping the cheese we had on offer into their gaping mouth (see picture above). He is handsome isn’t he, feeding one as another sat chirping on the neighbour’s washing line.

Worried about their cheese intake we offered cook and raw chicken, which was rejected!

Mrs Robin is still about with her single chick but keeps to the undergrowth as  the thrushes are real bullies and chase her and other birds away from any food.


Photo: Marianne Alexander


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